• Absences should be reconciled by attending a similar class within two (2) weeks of absence. Tuition is a flat fee: your place in class is there whether you are there or not. Any class that may be cancelled because of weather or the teacher’s request will be made up at an announced date.
  • Attendance at any dress rehearsal is mandatory for performing!
  • Logically, the one-day/week students will not receive as much stage time in a performance as the students who attend multiple classes

Dismissal Procedures

  • Do NOT allow children to play on the grounds or walk to and from cars unattended.
  • Please walk and pick up students from the studio door.
  • At this time, masks are optional.
  • Parking in back of the house is reserved for the Bonds family.


  • Students’ names should be in all items!
  • Boys must wear headbands if hair can fall in eyes
  • Hair should be in a bun for ballet.
  • Ponytails are acceptable for jazz and tap classes.
  • Boys wear white tee shirts, black stretchy pants or tights, white socks, white ballet shoes, and same black jazz and tap shoe guides as girls
  • Students must wear black leotards, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.
  • Jazz students may wear black jazz pants or capris with a fitted top or leotard and black jazz shoes.
  • Claws and pencil buns are NEVER acceptable.
  • No skirts or leotards with attached skirts in classes under age 8.
  • No bare legs. EVER.